Bataan sanitary landfill shutdown by local exec

BATAAN: Hermosa town Mayor Antonio Joseph Inton together with the local police issued a closure order for a 7 hectare sanitary landfill operated by Econest Waste Management Corporation for allegedly violating environmental laws Thursday.

Hermosa Bataan Mayor Antonio Joseph Inton issue closure order against sanitary landfill. By Jun Bringula

“Econest even accepts garbage from Quezon City when under our agreement only garbage from Hermosa and Bataan should be accepted in its landfill,” Mayor Inton was quoted by Inquirer in a report.

Mayor Inton added that it is a breach of contract with the local government.

Hermosa Bataan Mayor Antonio Joseph Inton padlocks the gate of Econest Waste Management Corporation. By Jun Bringula

But Lawyer Beulah Coeli Fiel, president and chief executive officer of Econest Corp., said that only the DENR-EMB has the power or authority to issue a cease and desist order.

The P48M facility which was established in 2017 currently has 70 workers.

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