CDD: The Next Big Thing in Philippine Surfing

Known to many, explored by few. The stunning, sometimes unforgiving, swell breaks of Casapsapan, Dianao, and Dalugan are poised to be the next big thing in Philippine surfing.

When all waves and swells of Baler and Dipaculao are tamed by the summer winds, the waters of CDD are the last remaining bastions for surfers in a rush for adrenaline surf rides.

CDD is around 60km stretch of coastlines from the northern tip of the majestic Parang Hills in Dilasag town to the southern tip of wave-chiselled rocks of Dilasag Bay in Casiguran town. 

It is dotted with pristine white beaches and rock formations, the unsung witness and vanguard of the unforgiving Pacific swells. 

Casapsapan is home to majestic lines of beach breaks hosted by the stretch of white sand coastlines as far as you eyes can see. The waves and swells can be forgiving. Here expect a traffic-less lineups. Only a handful of locals are into surfing in this coastal municipality of Casiguran. 

Dianao is home to combinations of beach and reef breaks. On ordinary days, its shallow reefs can offer overhead glassy swells so enticing that they can charm you to the point that you will forget about your safety. When you scale the waters off Dianao, remember not to be fooled by its alluring tubes and glassy swells. Check whether the reefs are safe enough to play.

Dalugan is a big no-no for beginners. Although the swells are enticing as much as they are alluring, the locals recommend to never test its waters unless your surfing skills are above newb. But some who tested its waters claimed that Dalugan could be forgiving for beginners during April and May.

CDD is not a new discovery. The area are already the chosen destinations for hard-core surfers of Baler. Classic surfers of Baler have already scoured these breaks even before the new roads opened decades ago.

But contrary to the trafficked lineups of Baler or La Union, CDD remains to be populated. So the next time you get caught with the 30- to 40- people lineup in Baler, consider moving up north. Here you can have a lineup all to yourself.

More than 160km from the surfing municipality of Baler, the roads leading the CDD are line-ups of majestic masterpiece of natural landscapes — of lush forest as far as your eyes can see, of white sand beaches as pristine as those in your wishlist, of long and winding uphills and downhills to your wildest imaginations.

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